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Digital Alchemy 

Glitch Craft

glitch craft

Digital Demons Manifested On Demand.

Nefarious by Nature, Devilish by Design.

We have a passion for technology, but not like most in the industry.  We hate it. But we love to hate it. 

Infinite Knowledge is in the palm of our hands and yet, we are enslaved by it, as well as the corporations and their agendas. 

Our mission is to empower People, Programs, Progress, and Independent Businesses with Cost Effective

Technology Solutions & Tactics that Level the battlefield against the Corporate /

(And Government Backed) 


They Don't Play by the rules, So why the fuck should we? 

No Gods, No Masters, Not Digital Or Otherwise.

we are Gr3y Syndicate
Gr3y Does IT.

Worlds Most Murderous... Evilest... Edgiest IT.

We do not encourage summoning Gr3y with Ouija Boards, Mirrors, or Circled Chalk Stars on the Ground...

Creative Solutions

From short term to long term IT and Networking Solutions, to large scale digital guerilla warfare and marketing. Gr3y Does IT

Remote, Onsite, & Deskside Support

A solution to meet your needs at the highest level of service at the highest level possible, for us its not business, its personal.

Discreet and Secure

Keeping your business discreet from your rivals is a pre-req in this dog eat dog digital world. Let our Wolves Guard your Gates, or have them Storm theirs...

Who is Gr3y
spooky ecto

We can take you
to Higher Places...
and/or Take them to
Lower ones,
rules are
for fucking suckers. 


A pack of Digital Wolves who have a surplus of bite and a shortage of bark. 

Methodical Data Aggregation and Collection

(w!ndows/m@c/l!nux publ!c pr!vate corporate/mobile etc) 

Forensic Data Analysis / Recovery

Secure Commerce Solutions

Network Fortification / Hard Point / Traffic /Migration Strategies

Print & Design Services

Discreet Research & Recon

Web Development

CHAT Moderation Services

Penetration and Stress Testing

We think "edgy" is half-assed at best... Let's try Razor deep + down the = street no half steppin.

Now offering Skimmer Detection/Remediation Services (atm/pos)

Reverse Digital Entropy.

401c3 and 501c3 ORGS:

ALL SERVICES ON A SLIDING SCALE (if we can't find a solution for free, and we will try)


Dark Arts & Light Ones, with every shade between, On-demand, We kill IT.

3, 2 , 1 ...


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